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CMG is dedicated to provide insurance-based wealth planning and risk management advisory services to the individual and corporate clients of our institutional partners. Some of our institutional partners are private banks, retail banks, commercial banks, multinational financial institutions, trustees and family offices, etc. 

By working in collaboration with our institutional partners over their open architecture platforms, CMG assists their individual and corporate clients in formulating practical insurance-based solutions to cater for their respective needs in wealth preservation and risk management. These solutions are usually backed by global insurers who are known for their expertise in risk management, history and proven financial strength. 

The open architecture strategy was initiated by the client-focused value proposition established decades ago by some multinational financial institutions to provide total soilutions for their major clients. With extensive due diligence and qualification procedures, open architecture enable wider quality product choices and top-tier solution providers to serve their clients with minimal resources commitment and execution risks. CMG is built to be a niche partner providing value-added services on these professional and highly complied platforms.

To uphold the exclusivity of CMG Service and to ensure our clients have the adequate financial resources to fully utilize the benefits of our solutions, our service is accessible to the individual and corporate clients of our institutional partners on an exclusive referral basis.

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Wealth Management

CMG has placed more than US$6.5 billion in life insurance coverage for clients coming from over 20 countries that have been recommended to CMG by their entrusted bankers and professional  advisors to create a significant part of their wealth planning solutions.

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