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We have a significant variety of clients across a broad range of nationalities and cultures, however our typical client profile is responsible individuals who are married with children, or even have their grandchildren, and are looking for practical solutions with significant life insurance capacity to manage their protection, wealth preservation, liquidity and estate planning needs.

They are usually asset-rich entrepreneurs or high income senior corporate executives. Some of them are the risk-averse corporate boards seeking sizable coverage to protect their human resources or even benefit some of the valuable executives; responsible trustee looking for solutions to benefit the beneficiaries; private business owners incorporating sustainable succession plans; partnerships searching for funding solutions to guarantee buy-sell agreements; or senior management teams preparing for affordable management buy-out strategies, to name a few.

Most of our clients are frequent travelers with multi-national residence status, holding businesses, investments or illiquid assets in different jurisdictions, or having family members living or studying aboard. Their only common denominator is that their wealth is exposed to various degrees of financial concerns: from preservation, transfer, estate & liquidity planning, protection from creditors, forced heirship, asset equalization, retirement funding, business succession to charitable solutions...

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